Links and books about moving paper models, kinetic art and so on...  
( Stand: 19.10.2016 )

Author Title Description
Paul Spooner Moving Animals (German: Automatenzoo) A collection of animals that move, fun to read, very good! There is also a German version (erschienen bei Rogner und Bernhard / zweitausendeins)
Paul Spooner Museum of the Mind ( German: Gedankenautomat) A paper head with four different models to insert, fun to read, very good. There is also a German version ( published at Rogner und Bernhard / zweitausendeins)
Walter Ruffler A Handbook of Paper Automata Mechanisms A very good introduction to moving paper models including basic techniques, with 5 working models included.
Walter Ruffler Paper Models That Move Quite similar to the Handbook, but much bigger.  14 working models included.
Robert Race Making simple Automata A good book about all kinds of simple automata made of wood, tin, wire and paper, with three projects to build on your own. Very interesting, with many photos of automata and moving toys from all over the world.
Rodney Peppe Automata And Mechanical Toys An illustrated book (hardcover) with pictures of objects of many different leading artists in making automata. It covers also the history of automata - very informative and beautiful to watch.
Rodney Peppe Rodney Peppe's Bewegliches Spielzeug In German. A book about moving toys with instructions to rebuild it from wood and so on.
Magdalen Bear Walking Automata A collection of several (8) card cut-outs to build walking figures.

Many of these books are out of print. But you can find used copies on amazon, ebay, abebooks,, ... Wherever you can buy used books.

If you have a website related to paper, automata, kinetic art ... or if you know one, that doesn't appear in my list, let me know. I would be glad to add more links to the list. Just send an email. The website of Walter Ruffler. One of the few popular German artists in that field, he has created many different paper models. You can order his models on his website. But the site also offers a lot of information about international models, model makers, mechanics and so on. Very informative. A must-see. The website of Rob Ives. Information, a shop with Models to order, a forum, a blog of the artist ... very good website. The website of Cabaret Mechanical Theatre in London. One of the centers of modern automata-making. Really very interesting to watch. Many leading artists (Keith Newstead, Peter Markey, Paul Spooner ... and many more) have worked with the Cabaret. Interesting to watch, a must-see. They also sell card cutouts.
Many artists have their own youtube channels. Search for them there. The website of Andy Voda ( USA ).. Interesting shop with all kinds of interesting stuff: paper models, flip-books, reprints of old "optical toys" - zoetropes, phenakistoscopes and so on.Have a look! The website of Giuseppe Civitarese aka Pino (Italy). He' s an artist, creating many different things:  Paper automata, paper sculptures, globes ... the list is very long. Fascinating stuff to see. A must-see. His profession is oceanographer, his second life is paper designer. I guess you can download some of his kits for free. An interesting blog about kinetic art. Dug North's automata blog. A blog about paper automata. The website of Keith Newstead. One of the leading automata-creators in the world. The website of the Dutch artist Johan Scherft. A must-see! Check it out, there is phantastic stuff to see. I just found his site recently. See a chameleon move very sssslloooowlyyyyyyyy... Watch birds made of paper that look real ... and absolutely beautiful. A website of edition8x8. Many card-cutouts to buy. The website and shop of  Tim Bullock. Phantastic paper automata to buy, even a draughtsman who actually draws a sketch! Phantastic. The website of the automata artist Robert Race. His work is one of my favourite. The webshop of Fenten's  Kartonmodellbau. A shop full of many cardcutouts, including paper mechanics. A blog about kinetic art. Another blog about kinetic art. A shopping site. A supplier with tons of useful stuff: gears, motors, paper, tools ... the heaven for automata-builders! The website of a wood-engineer, Matthias Wandel. Very useful gear-generator to use online or to download. Really useful.  A website with some information about Paul Spooner. I'm sorry I didn't find a real homepage of Paul Spooner, who is one of my favourite Automata-builders. But you can find many of his automata on youtube and at Cabaret Mechanical Theatre. I don't know exactly, but I believe he only created a few paper automata: a few in those collections I mentioned above and one you can purchase at Cabaret M. T., The Magic Soup.   One of the leading automata-creators in the world. Paul Spooner's work is a must-see if you are an automaton enthusiast. A website with shop: paper models, automata ... Many card cutouts to buy. A website with a small collection of Peter Markey's  Automata ( and paintings ). Peter Markey is also one of the leading "automaton-creators". He's a painter as well. Many of his paper cutouts can be bought at A website showing the automata collection of the Falmouth Art Gallery. Information (and many pictures of their work) about several automata artists including Peter Markey, Paul Spooner, Keith Newstead, Carlos Zapata ....