The Rubber-Driven-Car-Project

I wanted to build a rubber-driven car. Someone told me about a Japanese website where you could see
a car of this kind.
I've got to admit ... it's perfect.
But it uses a complicated system of gears, a real transmission.  I decided to do  a different, more simple design 
and so I came up with this propeller car.


First prototype.
Made entirely of paper except parts you couldn't do in paper:
the wooden axles, some wire, a metal bead bearing and, of course,
the rubber motor.
Longest distance covered: approx. 40cm


After some small modifications it runs much better.
I did some research on the internet and so I learned that the propeller should be big with a strong upward gradient for rubber motors.
I designed a new propeller this way,  doubled rubber-power ... and ...
tata!! Now it runs 5 to 6 meters, even on carpet. On a smooth surface it would run
even further, I suppose.

The propeller is the main problem here. How build it? In paper?
You need some extra parts ( a wooden stick, wire, a metal bead as bearing ), but you connect all this with paper.

So my prototype is done. And what about yours?

We can do our own contest ...  who builds the car that runs the furthest distance?

The Competition Rules:

It must be driven by rubber or something else that is simple ( but not an electric motor or a combustion engine ),
the main frame must not exceed a size of 21x30 cm
( if you use a propeller: it can exceed this size ),
the main structure must be made of paper.

Good luck!

To give you some more impressions, some more photos:

Sideview of the car

The bearing and the hub of the propeller ( looks primitive, I know, but it works ).

The rubber motor inside the box.

Latest changes: I re-built the propeller and bought rubber at a local model-shop ...
now it runs six meters at least - I guess it would run 10 meters or more if my living room would be bigger.
It's a wonderful toy to play around with.
The next model would be much better, faster ... a champion.
But interest of people is very low, so I don't know what will be.
Right now I'm building "Paper Flying Machines" by John Andrews ( Tarquin Publications ).

Go to Flying Machines.

© by the manicpapermechanic ( Bernhard Roeck ) 8.10.2006